This page is dedicated to the cutest unmotivated egg yolk in the world aka the infamous GUDETAMA.

What is Gudetama?

Gudetama is a Sanrio character introduced in 2013 based on an egg lacking in “spunk”. His name is a play on “gude gude”; used to describe someone with no energy or strength and possibly tama from tamago (egg). He is sometimes seen with a man in an orange/yellow costume that fully covers the body.

Gudetama is a cartoon egg yolk that feels existence is almost unbearable. It shivers with sadness. It clings to a strip of bacon as a security blanket. Rather than engage in society, it jams its face into an eggshell and mutters the words, “Cold world. What can we do about it?”

Gudetama is me everyday btw. He always grumpy and lazy, but it what makes him so cute. The interaction between gudetama and the boy is cute too.

So, there are a song that always played on every ending vid of gudetama. Because i can’t upload the vid here, i will give you the link and watch it on youtube. Just, open here.

I will give you some photo of gudetama too. Just ready to be snatched.


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